What is RateShrinker?
Introducing a breakthrough in booking technology: RateShrinker!

Have you ever planned your dream vacation, only to find lower prices just days after your hotel or flight are booked? Enter RateShrinker, breakthrough technology exclusive to Rovia.

Now, you can save money even after you make your hotel or flight reservations—simply because you're a Rovia customer.

Just seconds after your purchase, our systems scour the Internet to find out if prices for your itinerary have dropped and we keep a close watch on those rates right up until the day of your trip. If we locate a lower price, we'll send you an email confirming the booking and the amount you saved, and instantly put the cash back in your pocket!

RateShrinker is just another way Rovia provides you with the best experiences—and the best deals.

How does RateShrinker work?


Phase 1: The First 24 Hours

As soon as you hit the “Purchase Now” button, RateShrinker begins scanning hundreds of databases to see if fares have been lowered for your flight. If RateShrinker finds a lower fare, your original ticket will be voided and reissued at the lower price. The difference in the original fare and the lower fare will be credited right back to your credit card or Rovia Bucks account.

Phase 2: After the First 24 Hours and Until Your Flight Departs

At this point, the "void window" is closed, so RateShrinker gets to work using a different set of criteria. In most cases, airlines apply penalties to reissue tickets, which can range from $50 to $300, depending on the carrier. RateShrinker takes these penalties into account while actively looking for lower fares. If a lower fare is found and the difference between the original and lower fares exceeds the airline's penalty charge, we'll reissue your ticket at the lower fare and give you value back.

When Will You Get a Refund?

Let's say you purchased a ticket for $700, and RateShrinker finds a price of $500. That's a $200 difference! But then you need to add in the airline $150 change fee. The fares' $200 difference is greater than the $150 fee, so RateShrinker will reissue your ticket and give you the $50 savings back!

When Won't You Get a Refund?

Let's use the same scenario as above with a ticket purchased for $700, but RateShrinker only finds a fare of $600. Since the airline charges a $150 change fee, the $100 ticket price difference is less than the $150 airline fee; therefore, RateShrinker will not reissue the ticket because you wouldn't save any money.

Hotel Reservations

Once you book your hotel reservation, RateShrinker automatically goes to work, searching our database of suppliers for any lowering of rates for your selected room type and hotel. If a better price is found, Rovia automatically cancels your reservation and creates a new one at the lower price, refunding you the difference. You'll then receive a notification email with the new confirmation number and a new trip ID, if it changes.

Want to See RateShrinker in Action?

Let's say you reserve and pay for a room with one queen bed at Hotel Rovia. RateShrinker immediately starts searching for a lower price at the same hotel for a room with one queen bed. If a better rate is found, your room will be rebooked at the lower price and we'll refund you the difference! Watch your inbox because you'll receive an email with a new confirmation number and trip ID (if applicable).

If your original rate is the lowest RateShrinker can find, nothing changes—you'll be set for your vacation knowing you got the best value in town!

Remember, RateShrinker's technology will only reissue airline tickets or rebook hotel reservations when it's in our customers' best interest.