Take your dream vacation faster! With the DreamTrips Rewards Program, you accumulate DreamTrips Points each month that you can use toward our exclusive Reward DreamTrips. And more than 90% of our DreamTrips qualify.

Our Members earn rewards immediately. The day you join and opt in to the program, you'll receive up to 300 DreamTrips Points based on your membership level. Once you become a Member, every dollar you pay in monthly Membership fees results in the same number of DreamTrips Points added to your account**.

The more you use your DreamTrips™ Membership, the more you’ll love all the benefits! With a product this good, naturally you’ll want to talk about it. And we want to give you a little extra incentive to spread the word. DreamTrips Members receive DreamTrips Points for referring*** new members who join any of WorldVentures™’ DreamTrips Memberships. Referral points can add up to reward you with a Reward DreamTrip you’ll never forget.

*Based on choice of membership. Maximum monthly DreamTrips Points earned is 100 at the Platinum level. Maximum 300 DreamTrips Points per new enrollment at the Platinum level.
**DreamTrips Points do not have cash value.
***Where available. Points for referring new members are not available in Sweden or Australia. In Malaysia, points for referrals are granted only to members who refer new Platinum members. See Terms and Conditions link at the bottom of this page for full details
****Some exclusions may apply.

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